“Gold that buys health can never be ill spent.” J.Webster

For perfect body and soul relaxation we invite you to our wellness centre, where you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sweet “nothing-to-do” and enjoy the positive effects of the Finnish and infra saunas and Jacuzzi. Treat yourself to moments of relaxation after a hard day and choose from a wide offer of massages and relaxation treatments available to you at any weather condition.


We keep on taking care of you even further and we have a relaxation zone available for you with deck chairs to enjoy relax and drinking at the Wellness centre.

The result of massaging is the overall regeneration of the body. The massage affects the individual parts of the body and the central nervous system. Your body evaluates the impulses and responds to them. We offer a beneficial massage effect from a qualified masseuse.


Opening hours in out wellness center from 1 january 2014

Monday - Friday 17:00 - 22:00 hod. Saturday - Sunday 17:00 - 22:00 hod.

Orders are accepted on phone numbers: +421 903 504 233.

Finnish sauna

Sauna releases body and soul, nervous tension, brings psychic and physical relaxation and regeneration of strength. Sauna can bring body and soul into a harmonious and equilibrium state. The sauna is a source of youth, helps strengthen blood circulation, enhances the activity of the heart and revives the skin.

Infra sauna

The use of the infrasauna is amazing that it naturally strengthens the healing power of our body. It can have several beneficial effects right now, such as relaxing tension and releasing stiff muscles and joints. The fact that this therapy improves the overall health causes us to suffer less pain and allow our body recover and strengthen the immune system.


The hot tub will not only provide you with entertainment but will also bring you peace and relaxation in any season. Water is a great rehab. It is therefore appropriate to relax after a stay in the hot tub, or to give something easy to eat and so on.

Water temperature is 36 oDegrees C.